• 2024 Presentations
    Sharon Harrison presented  “Climate Policy with Unintended Consequences and Strategic Unawareness “at the Eastern Economic Association meetings in February 2024 and “My Poor(er) Friend:(Non-)Economic Integration in Public Good Games” at the Midwest Economic Association meetings in March 2024.
  • Conference on Unawareness and Unintended Consequences
    Organizers: Lorán Chollete, Sharon Harrison, and Pietro Battiston If you have any questions, please email Samantha Li at Date: Friday, January 8, 2021 Location: Virtual—all times listed in EST Description: An event by the Unintended Consequences Lab, which is housed in the Department of Economics, Barnard College Theme & Overview: Unintended Consequences and Unawareness impinge on economic … Continue reading “Conference on Unawareness and Unintended Consequences”